10 Things to do Near the Houston Convention Center

At AFC, many of our clients’ trips involve a convention. That’s no surprise since in 2016 Houston hosted 431 events, shows, and conventions. This means that more than 628,000 people were in town for some kind of event.

We’re proud of Houston and love to show it off. Even if a convention is the focus of your trip, you can still squeeze in a little sightseeing. Did you know that there are hundreds of interesting places to visit within a mile of Houston’s convention center? This list of ten fun places is designed to appeal to different kinds of visitors. 

Discovery Green

discovery green
Discovery Green is a fantastic 12-acre park in the heart of Houston. Tired of being inside at a convention? Stroll through this green space or join one of the many park events and activities, such as attending an outdoor concert, kayaking on the lake, or skating in the rink.

Eado Big Boy Toy Rentals

eado big toy rental
Have a free afternoon? How about some noisy fun on a jet ski? Or if you prefer traveling on land, Eado’s is the only place in Houston where you can rent a scooter. This is a fun way to feel the breeze in your hair while sightseeing around Houston.

Pure Spa

Stressed out conventioneers can head to Pure Spa for a massage, or burn excess energy in a fitness class. If you’re preparing for a special event, consider getting a facial, eyelash tint, or having your makeup professionally done. Guys, don’t be shy. There’s a whole gentleman’s menu as well.

Phoenicia Foods

phoencia foods
If your group of convention goers can’t decide what to eat, walk over to Phoenicia Foods. The mind-boggling selection of sandwiches, deli foods, pastries, and desserts will satisfy everyone, at prices less than you’d pay at a regular restaurant. Phoenicia Foods is part store, part deli, and part bar. They specialize in Mediterranean food. Pick up some tea, wine, and spices while you’re there.

House of Blues

There’s always something going on at Houston’s House of Blues. Come for dinner and drinks, or catch a show. We recommend the world famous gospel brunch, which happens at 1:30 pm on select Sundays. Visitors rub shoulders with locals while listening to contemporary and traditional gospel and indulging in an all-you-can-eat buffet. You don’t really need to go to that Sunday afternoon session at your conference, do you?

Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar

petes piano bar
At Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar, you’ll be singing along as two baby grand pianos – accompanied by an entire rock band – duel it out for supremacy on the ivory keys. The pianists take requests, and will probably surprise you with their repertoire of oldies and contemporary songs. 

Room Escape Time – Trapped in a Room with a Zombie

This 60-minute escape room game ups the ante by chaining a zombie to the wall. Every five minutes, a foot of chain is released. If you and your friends can’t work together to follow clues, solve the puzzles and find the key, you’ll be zombie chow.

Hobby Center for the Performing Arts

hobby center
This pair of downtown theaters hosts many of Houston’s top shows, from Puddles the Clown to opera. One hall seats 2,650, the other, 500. Both are designed for the best acoustics possible. Don’t miss the lobby’s gold leaf ceiling and the views of Houston’s skyline through 60-foot-high glass walls.

Downtown Aquarium

downtown aquarium
Houston’s downtown aquarium features sharks, stingrays, a Louisiana swamp exhibit and a sunken Mayan temple. The four white tigers –Nero, Marina, Coral, and Reef – are especially popular. You might get to see them swimming in their pool.

Police Museum

Law enforcement aficionados and fans of unusual museums will enjoy visiting the Houston Police Department Museum. Located in the HPD lobby, visitors see artifacts from SWAT, Mounted Patrol and the Honor Guard.

See what we mean? Whether your idea of fun is getting a massage, running from zombies or watching fish swim, you can do it within a few minutes of the Houston convention center. And if your group is planning a visit to Houston and need some help getting around, call us at AFC. We’ll get you there in comfort and style, and we guarantee a 100 percent zombie-free environment.