Safety is a core value within the ECHO AFC corporate culture. Our Safety Department is lead by a full-time Safety Risk Manager with deep roots in the safety industry. A former Texas Highway Patrol Trooper, our Safety Risk leader holds numerous safety-related certifications including advanced and master certifications from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), The Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas Traffic and Safety Institute at Texas A&M University, General Hazardous Materials Instructor’s Certificate FMCSA, and National Training Center Passenger Vehicle Inspection Instructor’s Certificate, FMCSA to name a few.

Our safety record is reinforced through a variety of programs and protocols designed to protect our consistently excellent track record. We institute proprietary policies and procedures to ensure that everyone in the company — especially our motorcoach operators — understand its importance. The ECHO AFC safety program integrates safety enforcement rules as well as scheduled retraining sessions to refresh drivers and ensure that our stringent standards are being met. Drivers are also trained on use and maintenance of ADA vehicles. ECHO AFC’s in-house Safety Department oversees all aspects of the program and regularly scheduled road observations and ride checks are utilized to monitor and enforce operator safety performance.

My boyfriend was killed in a hit and run. ECHO AFC Transportation’s driver saw everything and called 911 and waited with me until help arrived. He made sure my boyfriend wasn’t alone and talked with him the whole time. Oscar you will forever be someone I love, for sitting there with my boyfriend the whole entire time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I just wanted y’all to know the amazing people employed by ECHO AFC. Stranger on Houston Highway
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