AFC is Changing the Way Texans Travel

Traveling to any part of Texas can be a complex affair if you do not have enough room to fit the group into a single vehicle. Similarly, some passengers may require specialty accommodation for comfortable travel, and this can cause complications when planning excursions. Rather than stressing over time and money, you could dramatically simplify your plans by contacting AFC for a quote on transportation services.

No matter if you just need a shuttle from the airport or a full-sized charter bus, it is possible to save time and money simply by going to the right company. After all, it is not enough that you reach your destination; you should enjoy every moment of your ride there. When searching for the best travel vehicles, you need to only consider your needs and which vehicles best meet them.


For those traveling in wheelchairs, not just any vehicle can offer adequate safety and comfort. Para-transit is designed specifically to improve the mobility of ADA passengers, and AFC is equipped with multiple vehicles capable of offering such a service. These vehicles are fitted with ramps to accommodate wheelchairs, and drivers receive expert training to offer assistance whenever necessary.

No matter if you currently live in the middle of Houston or in a small town nearby, you can contact a qualified representative for a number of services. Fixed transit routes, commuter lines, scheduled transit service and much more are available as you need them to make travel faster, simpler and more enjoyable for everyone. This way, you never need to worry about complicating travel plans just because you or someone you know requires special accommodations.

Last Mile Connections

You should never be forced to take a train or bus into town and then walk more than a mile to your final destination, and last mile connections are a great way to eliminate such an inconvenience. For many, just getting to work can be difficult due to public transportation not offering a complete service to every location in a city. Fortunately, last mile connections services will ensure you never arrive at your destination disheveled and tired due to a long walk from the last transit station.

Fully Trained Drivers

Unlike taxi services, which require only that the men and women driving the car have a valid license and knowledge of the city, AFC will never send you a driver without complete and comprehensive training. These men and women dedicate every moment of the drive, from pick up to drop off, to giving you unparalleled service, and they always deliver. AFC is the proud employer of many skilled and personable drivers with the training to back up their excellent attitudes. You should feel welcome and comfortable during your time in their care.