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Book a Ride for a St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl in Houston

st patricks dayPerhaps you first heard about the idea of a St. Patrick’s day pub crawl from your friends or even an advertisement on the TV. Otherwise known as bar crawls, these wild nights make any celebration worth having and add another level of action to an already explosive festival. For this reason, people from all over the state and neighboring states gather together for an insane, city-wide party from dusk until dawn. Whether you chose to fly or drive in from Louisiana or live in Houston, you cannot fail to take part in the party.

That said, you likely did not plan this trip on your own. Groups of people, sometimes 60 strong, come to the city for this annual celebration. To make sure everyone has the chance to enjoy the fun, the best option would be to consider booking a party bus or van. In addition to party buses and vans, you may also choose to go for the more traditional limo, all of which offered in various sizes to suit your group’s needs. Once you have your vehicle booked and the peace of mind associated with a trained, professional driver, you can take a moment to consider why so many people love pub crawls.


Home to dozens of pubs, all of which will be decorated from floor to ceiling in St. Patrick’s day décor, Houston proved to be the best place in Texas to enjoy the holiday. With a pub crawl, you gain the chance to plan an entire night of pub hopping, often getting to enjoy multiple environments and types of drinks along the way. You never spend too long at one place, get to sample the best of every menu, and many of the pubs also offer food to ensure you get the most out of your time. With a group as large as yours and a city as sprawling as Houston, you cannot afford to waste the night at just one or two locations.

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Due to the nature of this holiday, most pubs offer drink specials to bring customers into their establishment. Not only do you get to enjoy some of the best drinks available, but you often get them at a fraction of the price offered throughout the rest of the year. To add to the fun, you can legally drink inside your party bus, van or limo. The fact that you have a trained driver there to help you get from one place to another also makes it possible for everyone in the group to take part in the crawl. No matter if you drink until you forget your last name or just have a sip or two, you never need to worry about the drive home.

Meet Friends

In addition to the wonderful people who come with you to enjoy the party, you also get the chance to meet new people from nearly all corners of the south. During this enormous celebration, a pub might see more than 500 people in one night, all with different personalities and backgrounds. Whether you set out to meet friends or not, you are likely to return home with more than a few new connections. Whatever you do, you are sure to have the time of your life in Houston.