Getting Your Marching Band to the Game in Style

Traveling to away games, competitions, special events and more can be uncomfortable at the best of times, but doing all of this in full uniform is often something many band members dread. However, there are ways to cut down on discomfort and make the long drive to the next location more comfortable. Charter buses allow you to get wherever you need to go with fewer stops, more room and more amenities than any other type of vehicle.

marching band

Professional marching bands travel constantly throughout the year, and the right charter bus can ensure they get where they need to be on time and in the style their reputation deserves. That being said, you need a vehicle capable of handling the sheer magnitude of equipment brought along to each game and competition. Instruments, gear, uniforms and more are just a portion of what is necessary to ensure every halftime show is marched to perfection. Therefore, it requires more than style and comfort, but also plenty of cargo space, to ensure your band arrives with everything it needs to succeed.

Luxury Seating and Interiors

Travel in full uniform or otherwise can quickly become frustrating when done in a vehicle of lesser quality, such as those provided by most educational facilities. Charter buses, however, give a certain level of style and luxury to every single passenger. The seats are always clean, plentiful and comfortable, and the windows allow perfect viewing of the world.

Inside these buses is everything you might need along the way, such as Wi-Fi, 110V outlets, and more. This is provided to ensure you get the most out of the drive whether it is simply across town or to the other side of the state. Competitions do not come to the band, and competitive groups often have to drive hours and leave before the sun rises to get there on time. To make the most of these unfortunate facts, you need to give your band a vehicle they can enjoy.

Professional Drivers

Charter buses come equipped with a driver trained to properly operate the vehicles in even the most complex of traffic situations. Never again will you and your band hold on for dear life while the school bus driver weaves through traffic. These courteous experts know everything there is to know about the charter bus, and they can expertly navigate their way to your destination via the fastest route. Their presence will allow you to focus on your band, build up their confidence for the job ahead, and go into the performance with the right state of mind.


Charter buses are more cost-effective than you might think and they are the best option when you must travel far, often, or both. The money you save in the long run by having the space and quality you need all in one vehicle will quickly add up. Marching bands are often a big contributor to a university’s reputation, and your band should arrive in a quality bus that reflects it. Wherever you find yourself this marching season, you are sure to turn heads by arriving in a luxury vehicle designed with you in mind.