Give Your Flock a Smooth Ride with AFC

When you need to travel and bring a large group of people along for the ride, you cannot simply choose any vehicle. Splitting the group in two or more smaller groups and spreading them among multiple vehicles can only add expenses to the budget. For example, you must now purchase two or three times the gas, increase the wear and tear of multiple vehicles, and wear out tires on all vehicles. How then, should you plan your trip?

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Thousands of church groups, high school and college sports teams, and more chose AFC charter buses last year alone. With over 300 vehicles operating from seven locations, including Dallas, Fort Worth, Waco, Tyler, San Angelo, Austin and Houston, you and your group have plenty of opportunity for fun and excitement. No matter the number of people attending the trip or the reason you chose to travel, the right companies offer unparalleled performance, driver experience, comfort and safety while on the road.

Fixed Route and Commuter

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The large majority of Texans live or have lived in a small town, and they know living in a larger city can quickly become tedious without the right help. AFC specialized its services with this in mind, offering community transport operations to improve commuter experiences across the board. Urban areas, counties and their surrounding regions all fall within the umbrella of service, allowing you to enjoy contract services designed to provide cost-effective and efficient solutions. Whether you need the help of daily operations, senior or student transport, or a transit and para-transit service, you can simply contact a qualified representative to get started.

Sports and Bands

Throughout the fall and winter, sports become a serious part of American culture. Football games, in particular, gather fans from all corners of the country together during big games. Whether you need to move a high school marching band and its equipment or your college football team to the next big game, you save time and money with charter buses and vans.

Marching bands come with large and cumbersome equipment, such as base drums, bells, and other brass instruments. While some smaller items ride with the passengers, the vast majority must be stored in a reliable place for transport. Even after you find space for the equipment, you still have anywhere from 10 to 100 students to transport to and from the game. For this reason, you stand to benefit from a charter bus or van.


Known for their multiple programs involving travel across Texas and beyond, churches all over the state utilize charter buses and vans each year. Often, they create programs to take seniors on trips around the state, organize events for the local children and send dedicated church members to various parts of the state for mission trips. No matter the reason, any group should travel in comfort and style.

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The Variety

Those who contacted AFC quickly discovered far more vehicles available than they first imagined. Whether you need to charter a four passenger Sedan, 14 passenger van, or a 40 passenger Minicoach, you can choose the best option for your unique needs. With their enormous variety, cost-effective rates, and expertly trained drivers, you stand to save more money and time in the long run with AFC than any other option.