Our Mission is to Serve Your Group!

Pastors and youth leaders nationwide have faith in ECHO AFC for their group trips. Our church and faith-group specialists can bring you peace-of-mind when planning your next outing. Whether near or far, overnight, or over days or weeks, rely on ECHO AFC for planning and executing a flawless ground transportation experience for:

  • Mission trips
  • Camp trips and transfers
  • Airport transfers
  • Church and Group Outings
  • Community Events and more!

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  • No matter how big or small your church's congregation is, AFC Transportation is equipped to provide your entire group with safe travels
  • AFC Transportation gives your church peace of mind on your church trips and travels to group events
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On Board Wi-fi

Satellite TV & DVD Players

Charging Stations

Extra Storage


  • Do you offer church van rentals? All vans and vehicles for ECHO AFC need to be chartered with a driver. There are several reasons for this, including liability insurance and to deliver a better travel experience for our clients.
  • What is the liability insurance for ECHO AFC? It is in excess of 5 million which is much higher than most church policies and protects all passengers and vehicles.
  • Are fuel charges included? Yes, gas is always included in quotes from ECHO AFC Transportation.
  • Do you offer discounts for churches? We don’t give specific discounts to churches. However, we provide church groups with the best rate depending on time of year and day of the week. Peak season, typically summer is more expensive because demand is higher, while off-peak season can be more affordable. Also, we realize church groups are categorized as non-profits and we don’t charge taxes or need tax-exempt documents as proof.
  • What are typical reasons churches rent vans and buses from ECHO AFC? Churches utilize our services for special retreats and summer camps out of town. Many rentals are within Houston city limits. Some churches own 1 or 2 vans for regular use. However, when they need transportation for a larger group, they hire ECHO AFC. We also work with some churches long-term for fixed routes. We provide weekly church shuttles to and from parking lots. Some mega churches rely on ECHO AFC to transport pastors and the band to multiple campuses on weekends.