School Transportation Service

ECHO AFC is committed to providing safe and reliable transportation for school students throughout the state of Texas. Our managers and drivers are highly-trained and we offer programs designed to support your district’s routes and schedules throughout the school term. Our exclusive school bus fleet features new buses that are equipped with the latest standards in safety, comfort and technology and we closely monitor driver performance. For year-round contract transportation service in your school district, private charter uses, or extracurricular activities, ECHO AFC can help you design an efficient, reliable program based on your specific needs.

Ample Storage

Audio Visual Recording

GPS Tracking

Air Conditioning

At ECHO AFC, we know nothing is more important than getting children to school safely so they can pursue their education and thrive. That’s why school districts in many parts of Texas trust ECHO AFC for reliable transport for students of all ages. Our exclusive school bus fleet features buses that are equipped with the latest standards in safety, comfort and technology.

Safety features on our school buses include:

  • Color coded seat belts for ease of use
  • Radios to keep our expert drivers in constant communication
  • Interior video cameras for added safety
  • GPS tracking makes sure Echo AFC headquarters always knows your location
  • DriveCam audio-visual recording devices provide a record of what’s happening onboard
  • Climate control keep students at a comfortable temperature, so they’re never too hot or cold, for optimal health

School Field Trip Charters

In addition to providing reliable service to school every day, many school districts partner with us for special occasion bus charters and rentals. As child development experts know, field trips are important for making learning more memorable and stimulating students by allowing them to engage with educational content in new and unexpected ways. We’re proud to help enrich students’ lives by driving them to museums, plays, cultural events and theater performances locally or in another city. Whether students are visiting an artist’s studio for art appreciation, or touring a recycling facility on Earth Day, they’re in good hands with our safe and experienced drivers.

Rentals for College Groups

We support learning at all ages, from kindergarten through college and beyond. Many college groups charter our buses to transport them to special events off campus. Whether fans of Texas Longhorns, Baylor Bears or Houston Cougars, college students love to support their football teams. We transport both teams and fans to big games in other cities. This frees them from the hassles of parking and the dangers of post-game driving.

We also provide reliable charters to college clubs and organizations who need to visit another city or state for special events. Whether your group is academic, political or faith-based, we’ll get you there safely for that conference or competition. College students feel at home in our comfortable school buses, which accommodate up to 52 passengers.

Real Customers. Real Feedback.

I would to express my most dearest gratitude.  This has been the BEST trip ever! Your ECHO AFC driver Mr. Teddie has been  the most generous of them all yet.  He was very courteous and attentive to ALL of our needs.  He was always checking to see if we needed anything and was very punctual. I would like to give him the HIGHEST  honors and recommend him always.  I hope that he can be our driver for our future trips.Mariachi Director at Sam Houston High and Patrick Henry Middle School
We are truly grateful for the support of ECHO AFC in this effort and your personal interest in this project as well. This snapshot of the ECHO AFC bus driver for the day and a few of our ministry volunteers is sent to you as a memento of this event that blessed specific schools in need in Fort Bend Independent School District (FBISD). Thank you again for helping us “Meet the total needs of God’s People.”Frances Jordan