Make the Most of Your University Tour

For many students, the choice to apply at a university can have many factors, including its location, major programs, size, and more, and it can be extremely exciting to find an acceptance letter in the mail. That said, many students take advantage of their access to the internet and forget to take the time to truly explore their chosen or potential universities in person. It is possible for you and your entire family to take part in this important activity, and you could make the entire day a time to truly explore the university and the city around it, stopping along the way for sightseeing and more with AFC transportation.

In Person

University life is a significant change for any student fresh from their high school graduation, and it is natural to find the idea of moving onto a decidedly more complex area of study nerve-wrecking. To help you feel more in control and prepared, you will benefit by booking a tour date with a professional driver armed with knowledge of the area, the campus, and all of the best ways to get around it. Once you know where to find the best coffee, the location of the dorms, the main buildings, and the campus store, it will be much easier for you to acclimate to the new environment.
college campus

This is also a great moment for you to see just how long it may take for you to walk or ride from each building between classes so that you can create the best schedule for the week. After all, it may be rather easy to line up classes that end and start ten minutes apart when you look at nothing but the campus map. If you do all of that without true knowledge of the size of your university campus, it may be that you arrive at class only to discover you must make it half a kilometer away to another building in that small window of time.


Booking a university tour is quick and simple, and it will help you discover important locations, such as the dorms in which you are expected to live during your stay. If you have the choice of newer dorms for a slightly higher cost compared to older dorms, it may help you make your decision if you can actually walk through them and see the differences. Many campuses have been around for quite some time, and there are dorms that are many years newer than others built when the school began to grow too large.

Explore the City

Your campus tour may only take an hour or two, but there is much more of the city for you to explore, and booking a tour of all the major sightseeing areas and attractions can help you get a better feel for your new home. After all, it is not every day that you leave your home behind to study a subject you love, and this is your opportunity to truly make the most of that time away. Once you complete your major, you may very well decide to push for a master’s or move to the city because you just love it there. Whatever your choice, it will make a significant difference to your experience at a university when you first arrive if you book a tour with a knowledgeable driver behind the wheel, AFC Transportation.