No problem here: Houston’s Space Travel Attractions

As Spring Break begins to wind down, families all over Texas search for a way to make the most of the last few days away from school. Although there are many fantastic places to see and explore across this beautiful state, few afford children the type of excitement and wonder found at the Space Center in Houston. Space travel attractions allow children and adults alike to get in touch with space’s most spectacular activities and facts, even letting them get up close and personal with some of the action. No matter if you came to Houston as part of a vacation or just want to spend a day experiencing what astronauts experience every day, you are unlikely to be disappointed.

Spring Exhibit Math Moves!

With spring just around the corner and weather already beginning to warm up, people from all corners of the state have started making plans. The spring exhibit put on annually by the Houston Space Center is an amazing opportunity to see some of the latest equipment and technology used in space. From February 25th to May 14th, you can home your math skills in the exhibit, where you are put to the test alongside others.

During this hour, expect to enjoy more than 20 interactive activities designed to present you with ratios and proportions. This is a great way for you and your children to learn and have fun together at the same time. After all, children thrive the most when given the chance to make learning exciting. Open-ended activities also make it possible for you and other guests to collaborate as you try to complete the challenges set forth.

In this exclusive experience, you will also get the chance to explore how scientists at NASA, engineers and astronauts utilize math in real life space exploration. You will experience firsthand how they find new planets, increase the speed of their rockets, and much more. Whenever you want to have the best time of your life while learning important things about space, you could go no further than this amazing exhibit.

Houston Space Center

Space for Art

In this inventive attraction, guests can take a moment to see the more creative side of the scientists, astronauts, and engineers working in the space program. These men and women not only explore the vastest area of the universe, space, but they also create paintings, enjoy photography and a number of other amazing talents. In this exhibit, you will get to see exactly where art meets science in an interactive day of fun and exploration.

In the center of the exhibit, you and your group will quickly find three beautiful spacesuit replicas created with the Space Suit Art Project. These are composed of hand-painted canvasses provided by young cancer patients. Together, you could see some of the beautiful works of art created by a number of amazing people. Your children may not only feel inspired to make their own art, but they will also leave having learned some amazing things about space exploration. The exhibit is still open until March 19th at the Space Center Houston, so do not miss out on this amazing Spring Break opportunity!