Renting Limos for Important Life Occasions

We hold the following truth to be self-evident: because there are very few occasions in which chauffeured limousines are absolutely not appropriate, you really shouldn’t have to wait for a once-in-a-lifetime event to book one. As far as we’re concerned, “I wanted to ride in a limousine” is reason enough to make it happen.

With that said, there are some life events that limousines are particularly well-suited for. Sometimes, it’s for safety reasons. Other times, it’s a matter of logistics. And occasionally, it’s just for the “wow factor.” Here are our picks for the top five limo-worthy events:

Senior Prom

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For many American teens, a major part of prom night is riding in a limousine—often for the very first time in their life. Prom night is all about dressing up and being fancy, so what kind of car could possibly be more appropriate for this experience? But renting a limo for prom isn’t simply indulgent; it’s also very practical. While teenage revelers can enjoy taking photos and feeling grown up, their parents and guardians can all rest assured that the youths will be transported by a professional driver in a well-maintained vehicle. It’s a simple trick for minimizing risks while still having fun.


wedding transportation











Despite being celebrations of love and happiness, weddings can be incredibly stressful for anyone with a role to play in the ceremony. When you’re a bridesmaid, an usher, or simply a proud parent of the bride or groom, it’s not uncommon to spend a substantial amount of time trying to make sure that the ceremony and reception go off without a hitch. But transportation issues have a real knack for derailing even the best-laid plans. What if the maid of honor gets stuck in traffic? What if the groom’s grandfather drives to the wrong venue? What if the best man leaves the wedding rings in a taxi? Limousines, which typically seat far more people than the average personal vehicle, can enable a whole wedding party to travel together, helping to prevent SNAFUS. Plus, they add some extra richness to the wedding experience.

Anniversaries and Dates

valentines day












Now, although limousines are able to accommodate a handful of people, they’re not “reserved” for parties of six or more. If you’d like to spend a special evening with a special someone, there’s no need to make it a group outing—or even a double-date. Limousines, in addition to being fun and flashy, can be pretty romantic when it’s just you and your significant other in the passenger area. There’s something about the opulence of these cars that makes everything seem a bit magical! If you’ve got an anniversary coming up, a limo ride is one gift that’ll start the celebration off right. And if you don’t have an anniversary coming up, a limo will certainly turn an “ordinary” date night into an extraordinary date night!

Business Deals











Want to make a significant impression on a potential client or prospective commercial partner? Rent a limousine and take them for a ride. Whether you’re heading across town to your office, going out for an afternoon lunch meeting, or spending an evening “wining and dining” your work connection, a limo will give the whole affair a feeling of formality and sophistication. It’s an easy way to show that you’re serious about any potential deals or arrangements that your work contact might make with your company. Providing limousine transportation from the airport or train station may be an especially great opportunity to earn “brownie points,” as your guest will probably enjoy stepping into a luxury vehicle after spending hours on a tightly-packed bus or plane.


limo interior












While some folks prefer to stay put during holiday parties and special events, others don’t like the idea of being “tied down.” And if you get invited to multiple shindigs on the same night, then the ability to stay mobile is especially important! In these cases, a limo can help you hit every event on your itinerary without having to worry about parking, navigating, or choosing a designated driver. If necessary, you can even roll up the privacy partition and change your outfit in transit! And don’t worry: if you arrive at a party 40 minutes late and in a limousine, people will only remember the limousine—not your tardiness.


Again, these ideas are simply suggestions; you shouldn’t feel like you can only reserve a limousine under very specific circumstances. If you want to take a limousine to a sporting event, you can. If you’d like to use a limousine to get to a family reunion, that’s okay, too! At AFC Transportation, we have limos for all occasions. So whether you’re trying to dazzle a single person or provide a comfortable, luxurious ride for a big group, you can count on us for a sensational, stress-free experience!