Shop till you drop: Visit Houston’s Vintage Stores on 19th Street

There are many great locations to visit when you find yourself in the large Texas city of Houston. One of the oldest cities in the state, there are many vintage stores that remain in the same families who first owned them generations ago, and 19th Street is a great place to find some amazing discoveries. Knowing where to look will make your stay in Houston more exciting because you can cut out the guess work and focus on solely having fun with those traveling in the city by your side.

Replay Vintage Goods

replay vintage
Inside this beautiful 19th Street vintage clothing store, you will find many pieces of vintage clothing from eras of high fashion and unique styles. Prices are incredibly low, starting at only $10, and you may also find a wide range of beautiful and eye-catching shoes, jewelry and bags to go along with your new clothing. When you want to look your best in clothing your parents and grandparents enjoyed in their younger years without emptying your wallet in the process, this is the store to shop while visiting 19th Street.

Additionally, this is a winning store of the Houston Press “Best Houston Vintage Store” award, and it is easy to see why once you walk through the doors. No matter if you come in out of curiosity or the strong desire to expand your wardrobe, you are sure to leave with a bag full of vintage goodies that will compliment your other modern clothing.


According to reviews left by its many loyal visitors, you can find the best surprises on the second floor of this location unless you are particularly attracted to accessories. There is a wide selection of options on both levels, and the pricing is affordable for absolutely anyone. No matter if you come alone, with a friend or bring the entire family, this is one location that will offer a great time for everyone in the group.

AG Antiques

Known for its wide selection that is expanded daily, this is one shop that will offer many surprising finds that can be added to each day. With affordable pricing and the chance to choose from accessories, clothing and much more, you should be able to find everything you need in this emporium without emptying your wallet. If you do plan to stay in Houston for several days, it is important that you give this shop more than one visit during your time in the city to ensure you get the best deals as they come into the store.