Things to Consider When Booking Transportation for Your Wedding/Reception

You finally found a person worth spending a lifetime with, but now you need to create the perfect wedding and reception to reflect your love for that person. Hardly any brides fail to consider ordering their dress right away, but some tend to put their transportation requirements on a back burner. Booking wedding or reception transportation is arguably just as important as finding your venue, and the same rule applies in regard to booking as early as possible.
wedding transportation

To ensure every aspect of your wedding is taken care of on schedule, you must first begin to build a game plan for the event. If you love this part of the wedding, building a to-do list should be exciting, but if you’d rather just get the wedding over and done, consider this your fastest and simplest method of reaching that goal. Regardless of your attitude about planning the wedding, the more you do beforehand, especially in regard to transportation, the less likely you are to experience critical delays on the big day.


Before you can make any choices about your venue or dress, you must first establish a timeline for your wedding and the events to take place during the reception. While you are unlikely to know every aspect of the wedding day down to the second, you should already have a rough outline of the day and where it will happen. For example, find out where you want your hair and makeup done and account for the estimated time spent there.

Pictures taken beforehand, picking up guests, and whether there are multiple locations will all impact the way you book your transportation for the big day. Once you have an established and fairly concrete timeline for your wedding, you should begin researching reliable companies capable of giving you the type of transportation needed. For example, you might need to charter a bus to get you and your enormous wedding party to the venue.

An additional tip that can do some good is to research whether your wedding will happen during prom season, which is between the months of April and June. During this time, luxury vehicles such as limos and other group transportation options are likely to be in high demand, and you want to book before this influx of need. If possible, you should try to order your transportation a month or more in advance to ensure you have the best options for your needs.


Although in many cases the wedding is paid for by the bride or groom’s parents, you must still take budget into account during your transportation booking. Your budget must dictate everything from the centerpieces to your dress, and this is a big reason you need to research your transportation options early. If you need to transport a wedding party of over 20 people, for example, this would require costlier transportation options than if you were transporting just 5 people. If you can, most bridesmaids and groomsmen do not find it offensive, or may even expect for you to ask for a portion of the transportation cost.


Photo Courtesy from ForWedding in Flickr