Walk Where Astronauts Walked at the Johnson Space Center in Houston

Booking your next school trip or event is simple when you consider exploring Houston and the surrounding area, and there are some locations you cannot afford to miss, especially if anyone in your group is a huge fan of science, space, and exploring the unknown. The Johnson Space Center is home to a wide range of amazing attractions and displays designed to help you and your group feel fully integrated into the world of space travel. That said, this is just one attraction available in the large city of Houston, and the best way to truly get the most out of your stay is to consider hiring a tour service offered by reputable companies such as AFC.

Independence Plaza

There are more than a few reasons this is the perfect place for any school to send its students for a fun, educational, and most of all, exciting adventure, including the Independence Plaza, presented by Boeing and available to all guests. This is your opportunity to let students touch interactive displays, view unique NASA artifacts, and learn more about the history of the space shuttle program. This absolutely unparalleled attraction is also the only place in the entire world where guests may enter a replica shuttle mounted on top of the original space shuttle carrier.

Friday Meet-and-Greets

Fridays are days on which guests may meet a real astronaut and learn of his or her many adventures in space, making this the perfect day to book a visit for school groups and even event planners looking to spice up a city tour. Everything from the rigorous demands of training to the constant exercising necessary to stay fit while in space is available for discussion and further expansion. This is your chance to get a front row seat while you learn about the many surprising facts associated with space travel, making this one of the best stops available on your sightseeing tour.

Living in Space

The presentation presented at the center called “Living in Space” is designed to educate visitors about the hard work and adventure associated with life out in space. Life aboard the International Space Station is completely different than anything you may imagine about life at home, and the chance to touch the stars is more within our reach with every passing year. Once you complete Living in Space, you receive the opportunity to explore some of the technology developed by NASA and more at the International Space Station Gallery.

The Perfect Day Trip

As your students or tour group explore Houston and its many attractions, the Johnson Space Center is one place you will explore for a day or longer without running out of opportunities for new fun. This is why it is the perfect place for a school trip, especially for young children only just beginning to form an idea of what they want to be later in life. The best thing you will ever do for the children in your care will be to inspire in them a love of the sciences and space, as these young boys and girls will grow into the next generation of innovators and creators. At AFC, it is possible for any size of group to travel through the city and explore its best attractions, of which there are many, and there are opportunities to explore throughout the year.